Important Note About Funding Hut

Funding Hut helps funding for all types of Businesses. Whether that is Hair Salons, Doctors, Construction, Restaurants, we help many different types of Businesses who require funding.

Being able to attract customers to come through the door requires a lot of hard work, that you might not have the money for.

Advertising is very important particularly for the Hair & Beauty Sector. They need to get their Business out there, they need to show that they have the best quality, the best products and the best price.

For example, in the Hair & Beauty Industry customer loyalty is very weak as everyone is trying to look for the best price in the market, hence businesses keep reducing their costs which affects their cash flow position.

This is where Funding Hut come into it. We can help find you the funding that you need to help you attract customers through the door.

We can help funding for:

  • Training courses for your staff
  • Advertising/Marketing
  • Working Capital such as towels, equipment, products
  • Renovation to your interior and exterior design for the salon

If you are in this type of industry or in any industry and you are looking for funding this could include Working Capital, Advertising, Marketing, to pay wages, Refurbishment, Expansion or anything else you think you need funding for within your Business then please get in contact with us.

We have helped businesses raise funding within 1 day, is this what you are looking for?


Give us a call on 0203 900 0970 if you would like to have a chat about raising some funding for your business.

Funding Hut, where the funding never stops.

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