Mortgage Advisor

We offer mortgage advice and guidance to our customers for any mortgage services – First time buyer, new house purchase or remortgage..

You can also get the best advice you need to make choices about your mortgage borrowing from our expert mortgage advisors.

Funding Hut Mortgage Advisors are fully qualified to help provide & the best option for you.

Our experts will work with your solicitor and estate agent to keep the remortgage flowing as well as follow up on your mortgage application to secure you an offer.

Our service is comprehensive and client is always happy with the service provided. We don’t abandon the mortgage procedure until you have achieved your offer or otherwise we guide you the alternate solution available.

It involves advice and computations, making your application and professional involvement with lenders, attorneys, and estate agents to see clients through to completion.

You will work with a single, amicable adviser that you may contact whenever you want and who will be by your side throughout the entire procedure. You can really trust our mortgage advisors newbury 

We literally can help you to find a great deal whether you are buying a property for the first time, need a mortgage for a later stage in life, need to remortgage, want to transfer house, or are investing in buy-to-let investment.

With the help of banks, building societies, and expert lenders, we can thoroughly research the market on your part and compare thousands of mortgage products. Unique Services that we offer include:

  • First Time Buy Mortgages
  • Remortgages
  • Buying To Let Mortgages
  • Bridging Loan

Our goal is to help you through difficult time of house purchase and remortgage when you
are busy with hundreds of other things.

We are truly delighted to assist you in buying your first home.

We will work to make sure your venture is sound, your mortgage payments are manageable, and you have enough money left over at the end of each month to maintain your lifestyle and your house Oxford  .

We look for best deal and help in avoiding paying too much for the mortgage monthly and compare best rates for you. Just don’t slip onto standard variable rates.

A buy-to-let mortgage is required if you want to invest in a property with the intention of renting it out to earn income.

Buy-to-let mortgage interest rates are higher than those for house buyers’ mortgages thatcham, and unfortunately, there are limited lenders. We also help on Limited company buy to lets which

are buying more popular these days. To locate a buy-to-let mortgage that meets your needs, our experts can compare rates and packages from a variety of lenders.

Talk to a staff of the Funding Hut staff if you are considering obtaining a bridging loan as they have connections with all of the major lenders. We will be able to get you the finest loan possible given your circumstances.

We are happy to announce that the majority of our new customers come through personal referrals, which we consider to be the highest form of endorsement.

Please schedule an appointment if you would like to seek Mortgage Advice west berkshire to discuss your mortgage options, if you have any concerns about your eligibility for a mortgage, or if you would like to understand how much you could borrow.

There is never any pressure for our worthy clients to continue during the free initial consultations for mortgages. We provide both over the phone or in-person appointments for mortgage counselling..

Please get in touch with the team of Funding Hut mortgage advisors basingstoke  to discuss how we may help you. Our mortgage advice reading outlines a financial verification that won’t impact your credit score.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mortgages are a financing option that both individuals and commercial entities utilise to purchase real estate. Over a defined period of time, the borrower pays back the loan plus the interest until they have complete ownership of the property. Basically, the borrower agrees to make monthly payments to the lender in the form of a series of regular instalments that are split into interest and principal amounts. The propertythen acts as security for the loan.

A mortgage broker is the one who facilitates the interaction between borrowers and lenders and looks for the loan that best suits their demands in terms of interest rate and financial status. Additionally, the mortgage broker obtains paperwork from the mortgage borrower and provides it to a lender for underwriting and approval. Furthermore, a lender lends money to you directly but a mortgage broker does not provide you with any credit and instead locates a lender for the mortgage purpose.

There are mortgage durations as short as five years and as long as forty years. While stretching out payments over a longer period of time may result in lower monthly payments, the borrower will pay higher interest overall. The most prominent mortgage types that are offered to borrowers include; Fixed Rates Mortgages, Interest-Only Loans, With a fixed-rate mortgage, your interest will be fixed for a set period of time, so your monthly payments wont vary. With a variable rate mortgage, both your payments and the
rate of interest you pay are liable to vary mostly based on changes to Bank of England rate.

LTV Loan-to-Value which is simply a a measure to how much is the loan based on the property value. For assets that are viewed as more desirable as collateral security, LTVs tend to be greater in that case but LTVs are also affected by market competition. Depending on the kind of lender and the characteristics of the asset getting financed, there
are several ways to calculate the “V” in LTV.

If you have a payday loan, clearing that off and paying the debt in total will help you remove it off your credit report more quickly and reduce your debt-to-income ratio. Payday loans can remain on the credit report for at least six years. Your ability to obtain mortgages, loans, credit cards, and other financial products may be negatively impacted by payday loans. Moreover, any borrower may only have one active payday loan at any given time.

You can take Buy to let mortgage under Ltd company but not for living and residential purposes. There are both advantaged and disadvantages of taking mortgage under limited company. If you manage a limited company, it is likely that it will cost extra to maintain, filing and would incure accountancy costs.

We deal with majorly whole of the market but lenders work on their own pace. The secured lending normally takes 3-4 weeks and it is also dependent upon the conveyancer how quickly they can process the legal work.Once the legal work is completed, conveyancer will notify the lender and lender will release the funds in 3-5 working days.

You will be assigned with an SME advisor who will work with you and the funder. We will build the application pack with you for the lender, and then liaise with them along the way to ensure that you receive clear and concise updates as they review your request.

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