When buying a new house, which means looking at mortgages. you have to go to various processes and it helps if someone makes one process easier for you mortgages where you look for the lowest rate, flexibility to overpay, early repayment charge and choosing the right type of mortgage.

Funding Hut can help make this process easier for you.

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We deal with

  • First Time Buyers
  • Newly Built Houses and Flats
  • Flats above commercial
  • Non-standard construction
  • Listed Building
  • Adverse Credit
  • Foreign Nationals
  • Contractor Mortgages

Second Charge Mortgages

The second charge is raising funds on your residential or investment property without changing first charge mortgage. These mortgages help raise funds for a wide variety of reasons.

The funding can be raised in a situation

  • To avoid early repayment charge of the first mortgage
  • Wishes to keep the new mortgage separate from the main mortgage
  • Wants to pay off second charge mortgage quicker than the main mortgage
  • Got some adverse credit