Mr. J – S Limited case study

Mr. J – S Limited

Mr J owns a clothing brand that sells its products in some well know high street stores as well as various online fashion outlets. The business was growing quickly and they were generating good profit. However, they over bought on their Autumn and Winter stock so ended up with some supplier debt. S limited also had a few other outstanding loans which he was looking for funding in order to consolidate this debt.

They received a loan offer of £100,000 but the terms where sky high and not suitable for the business so Mr. J declined the offer. After Mr. J came to us, we were able to find him a far more reasonable offer and he accepted a loan of £150,000 to be paid over 5 years. This funding will help their business grow exponentially as well as pay off their debt.

‘Excellent service from the Funding Hut Team. The rate offered was lowest in the market’. Mr J

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